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The COO’s Pocket Guide to Enterprisewide Intelligent Automation

Understand the what, why and how of using enterprisewide intelligent automation to make your business operations a source of competitive advantage that can’t be easily replicated.

Why Smart Businesses View a Data Fabric as an Inevitable Approach to Becoming Data-driven

Unlocking the value of data remains a massive challenge for some companies. The key to success is the ability to turn data into a strategic and manageable asset by adopting a data fabric strategy to eliminate complexity. Read the thought-leadership report to learn how a data fabric approach can help your enterprise deliver a manageable, predictable and resilient platform with AI and automation built within. You’ll discover how IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivers an end-to-end suite of capabilities to help you succeed in data and AI, including capabilities that enable a data fabric, such as: - AutoSQL - AutoAI - AutoPrivacy – AutoCatalog.

5 Ways to Simplify Beverage Alcohol Tax Compliance

Establishing and maintain tax compliance can be very complicated and resource-draining process However, there are ways to make this process more efficient, from beginning to end. In his solution booklet, Avalara offers 5 ways to simplify beverage alcohol tax compliance for suppliers, retailers, marketplaces, and delivery apps in the beverage alcohol industry.

Today’s beverage alcohol compliance technology

Beverage alcohol sellers have had to navigate the complex world of DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) shipping, while keeping up to date with the ever-changing compliance landscape. To complicate things even further, companies need to make sure to integrate compliance into their technology stack. With penalties for noncompliance being severe in some cases, it’s important to take a number of considerations into account. This compliance technology checklist provides an easy-to-follow summary of the technology needed to make sure your systems and your compliance are aligned.

An overview of economic nexus in the beverage alcohol industry

It’s easier than ever for consumers to have their favorite merlot or chardonnay delivered to their doorstep. Driven by demand for convenience, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel continues to expand rapidly. With substantial growth in the DTC shipping channel comes a maze of tax and regulatory challenges. A key part of maintaining compliance is understanding economic nexus requirements in every state you ship to. This overview will help you understand not only what economic nexus is and why it’s important, but also the history of nexus determination in the beverage alcohol industry right down to the most recent 2020 legislation.

Getting it right: The 4 steps to age verification for direct shippers

One of the most important and widely recognized beverage alcohol regulations in the United States is the requirement to ensure alcohol is sold or delivered only to consumers above the age of 21. This applies to every sale, whether on premise or shipped direct to consumer (DTC). Unfortunately, age verification is often met with misunderstanding by those responsible for properly carrying it out, particularly when shipping directly to consumer. This leaves businesses open to significant risk . This whitepaper defines the requirements and includes an exploration of the four age verification steps every beverage alcohol shipper needs to know. Download now to understand: • What the different age verifications steps are • How age verification steps vary by complexity and accuracy • How to ensure your business remains in compliance

How to Prepare for the Next Big Cyberattack

Learn five steps you can take today Make Sure You’re Prepared for the Next Big Cyberattack The recent SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange Server attacks used sophisticated techniques to exploit the technology supply chain and compromise thousands of high-profile organizations. The attackers also took advantage of well-known challenges in security operations to slip by SOC analysts and remain undetected by siloed legacy security technologies. These attacks may have passed, but is your organization prepared to take on the next major cyberattack, whenever it happens? The stakes are too high not to be sure. In this white paper, we explore the steps companies can take to strengthen their next-generation defenses. Get the paper to learn:     • How to prepare for the next big cyberattack     • Five future-facing cyber defense technologies to meet these attacks head-on     • How Cortex® XDR™ discovered and responded to the SolarWinds attack Make sure you’re set to face whatever comes your way! Download the “Five Steps...

Essential Guide to XDR

Everything You Need to Know About XDR Every second matters when responding to an attack. Siloed security tools slow down investigations, resulting in long dwell times and missed threats. Extended detection and response (XDR) changes everything by breaking down security silos. Investing in XDR today can protect you against tomorrow’s threats. Read The Essential Guide to XDR to learn more about its applications and use cases. This guide examines:     • What XDR is and is not     • Advantages over legacy detection and response tools     • What capabilities to look for when evaluating XDR solutions     • How XDR can help simplify and improve your security operations See why XDR has emerged as a market category that integrates network, cloud and endpoint data to help you detect and eliminate threats before the damage is done.

7 Steps to Better Data Quality Management in FSI

Well-managed and protected data ensures the safety and effectiveness of business operations while protecting data and critical assets. Veeam® builds data management systems that go beyond simple backup and recovery and enables financial services organizations to maximize their data capability through comprehensive, centralized and efficient data protection and management

Ransomware in 2022

Effective security programs require structure to understand what should be protected and the value of the asset to the organization to determine how protection should be implemented. No matter the methodology companies choose, the framework needs to define measurable outcomes that allow IT teams to defend against attacks and recover quickly if an attack is successful.

Biotech Innovation with Boomi

The cloud-first company Moderna Therapeutics needed to integrate a large portfolio of applications to speed biomedical innovations that could improve lives. Boomi’s cloud-native integration platform helped Moderna scale by integrating systems, automating complex, cross-platform business transactions, and, most importantly, helping its scientist focus on their research. The combination of Dell Boomi’s integration platform with its data quality management capabilities through Boomi Master Data Hub allowed Moderna to scale operations and remain agile without increasing administrative staff. Download the case study to learn more.

Integration Helping IT Say “Yes” to the Business

Kelly-Moore Paints is a mid-sized company in a very competitive market. To succeed, it needs to move quickly and make the most of its resources. But by turning to Dell Boomi and its integration platform, Kelly-Moore has been able to bring all integration projects in house, quickly and cost-effectively addressing a wide range of operational improvements needed by the business. In this guidebook you will learn how Boomi helped:     • Simplified integration with third-party logistics, supply chain and customer       payment applications     • Extended and automated business processes to large suppliers and dealers

Boise State University ‘Boomifies’ Innovation

Boise State University is advancing its use of technology to empower students, faculty, and administrative staff to thrive in a digital campus environment. Achieving those goals requires on-demand access to information, seamless digital experiences, and productive collaboration across stakeholders. Boise State has deployed over 100 Boomi integrations across cloud and on-premises systems. IT can handle more projects because integrations that took days to hand-code can be built in hours with Boomi. Boomi Integration also equips Boise State to tackle complex initiatives such as COVID contact tracing. Download the whitepaper to learn more

Sky Offers Painless Customer Service with Boomi

British telecommunications provider Sky wanted to improve customer service by resolving technical issues and customer inquiries faster and more efficiently. The company, which provides broadband and telephone services throughout the U.K., also wanted to offer its customers additional options for troubleshooting. Download the whitepaper to understand how Sky uses the Boomi Platform to create an innovative application that helps customers quickly resolve service issues, resulting in a big boost to customer satisfaction and savings of £6 million within the first year.

Simplifying API-led Connectivity with a Modern Integration Platform

This paper examines the pros and cons of strategies for connectivity, from building multiple layers of APIs for every data source (sometimes called an “API-led” strategy), to using an integration platform that provides a unified collection of components to enable modern digital transformation.

HealthBridge Financial

Orchestrating data, processes, and stakeholders is fundamental at HealthBridge Financial, a startup that helps employees cover out-of-pocket medical costs like deductibles and co-insurance. It’s an innovative business model that benefits all parties — healthcare providers, insurers, employers, and patients. Read this whitepaper to understand how the healthcare/fintech innovator uses Boomi Flow to build self-service engagement portals that deliver efficiency and partner satisfaction while scaling its business on Boomi and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Ultimate Workday Integration Guidebook

As companies rely more on Workday as the central hub from which business operations are run, it’s critical to integrate data with the Workday Platform across legacy on-premise systems and cloud applications. Read this guidebook for tips and best practices to successfully automate business processes across Workday and any combination of other applications with iPaaS. This is your guide for unlocking the potential of your Workday Investment. In this guidebook you will learn:     • Common Workday business processes that benefit from iPaaS     • Ways to use iPaaS for addressing integration challenges     • Goals and requirements for implementing an integration project     • Questions to ask when evaluating an iPaaS vendor

Best Practices for Data Migration and Data Management

Too often, businesses migrating to the cloud focus entirely on applications and treat data as an afterthought. But data turns out to be critical for realising the full potential of today’s cloud. In this ebook – a joint production of Boomi and Slalom, a leading IT consultancy – you’ll learn:     • 7 best practices for migrating data to the cloud     • Tips for building data quality into cloud data integrations     • How to recognise “data gravity” and leverage it for data analytics     • The importance of data wrangling techniques for ensuring data quality across       applications     • And more Download this ebook to get the industry know-how you need for making the most of your organisation’s investments in the cloud.

The Critical Characteristics of an Integration Cloud

With business needs constantly shifting and technology ever changing, organizations require agility, speed, and a full toolbox of integration capabilities to accelerate and modernize their digital ecosystem. Additionally, the vast majority of IT is moving to the cloud for economic reasons — eliminating massive capital costs and removing the complexity of maintaining software on their own. In this ebook you’ll learn about:     • Integration development and management with cloud versus legacy       on-premises options     • The five critical characteristics of a modern integration cloud detailed:       cloud-native, distributed, low-code, unified and open     • Questions to ask before selecting an integration cloud platform (iPaaS)

Exploring Data Integration Patterns

Integration is full of challenges. Businesses must deal with different data formats, languages and operating platforms along with an ever-increasing volume of data and rapid technology innovations. Enterprise architects often face the same problems, addressed with a handful of common integration patterns. In this eBook “Exploring Data Integration Patterns,” we’ll cover the top four integration patterns and the methods for putting them into action.     • Pros and cons of the top four integration patterns     • How to implement and manage them     • How a unified integration platform accelerates your business

Application Modernisation: Key to Success

The technical debt caused by inefficient legacy systems often ends up starving IT organisations of the funds, time, and attention they could otherwise devote to new strategic initiatives such as digital transformation. Application modernisation is imperative for any IT organisation that wants to drive innovation within their enterprise. Download “Application Modernisation: Keys to Success” to learn:     • Where to begin the journey to innovation     • The right approach for creating modern integrations     • The benefits of modernising applications and integrations     • How Boomi can help your organisation

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Snowflake For Application Builders Procured Through AWS Marketplace

Forrester reveals a customer ROI of 612% and total benefits of over $21 million over three years for Snowflake’s cloud data platform. Read this study to learn how several customers leveraged Snowflake to make data available quickly for their data consumers, to garner timely insights, and do more with data — while ensuring operational efficiencies at a lower cost. Snowflake commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study in August 2020 to evaluate Snowflake’s cost of ownership and return on investment across a variety of different factors. Benefits for a composite organization based on interviewed customers include:     • 3-Year ROI of 612%     • 50% reduction in time to roll out the business product     • 75% of time saved by using Snowflake to load data     • 75% reduction in effort for the IT support team     • Total benefits of over $21 million over three years A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study...

QSR Inspiration Guide

Whether you’re an established restaurant or mobile-first startup brand, an essential key to success is timely, personalized and brilliant customer engagement. Looking to drive more revenue with innovative messaging in the fiercely-competitive food and beverage space—and keep your customers hungry for more? From learning how to leverage cross-channel campaigns that nudge some segments of consumers to spend 20% more to spiking sales by 38X with Content Cards, get all the inspiration you need from our exclusive collection of over 30 customizable campaigns. Download this complimentary guide to unlock the winning strategies that the world’s savviest QSR brands use to activate, monetize and retain customers. Download the guide to get inspired on:     ● Key messaging channels that every marketer should know     ● Over 30 campaigns you can use yourself, including app downloads,       seasonal promotions, product adoption, loyalty campaigns, and more     ● Proven tactics that leading brands leverage across the customer lifecycle to       increase engagement

Modern Customer Retention: What You Need to Know

Acquired new customers during the holiday season? Now the challenge is turning your consumers’ new year resolutions into habits that last. Research shows that increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95%. No matter what industry you’re in, retention is one of the most impactful things you can do to help your business drive stronger revenue. That’s why we’ve dug deep into Braze data, best practices from top brands and consumer research to bring you the Braze Retention Guide. Download our report to set your brand up for success with effective strategies that sustain customer motivation in the new year and beyond. Kick off 2022 with:     ● 7 key retention strategies that work for brands in 2022     ● 10 winning retention campaigns to keep customers coming back     ● How to predict and troubleshoot churn     ● Strategies leading brands use to improve retention

A Guide to Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model in Government

Public sector agencies are undergoing a massive digital transformation, which is now imperative, thanks to the massive shift to remote work. The traditional enterprise perimeter has dissolved, exposing new vulnerabilities for cyberthreats and expanding the attack surface. In response, the Biden Administration has issued an executive order (EO) mandating improvements to government cybersecurity. So how can federal agencies stay ahead of the latest threats and meet new mandates while reaping the rewards of digital transformation? Download your complimentary copy of “A Guide to Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model in Government” to learn:     • The effects of digital transformation and the shift to remote work on your agency’s security posture.     • How the zero trust model, with data as the foundation, can help unlock insights, manage risk and protect your resources better.     • How Splunk’s new Government Logging Modernization Program can help you meet the new EO requirements for cyber incident response.     • How the...

3 Reasons to Choose Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

The world is on the move, and your end users are no exception. It’s time to have a security plan that is built to work outside the perimeter. But what authentication strategy fits your needs? In this eBook we breakdown the acronyms, pros, and cons of 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (AMFA). Read on and you’ll learn three key reasons you should choose Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication to combat data breaches, weak passwords, and phishing attacks.

The State of Zero Trust Security 2021

With the rise in remote work, Zero Trust security grew tremendously in the past year. And that’s not going to change anytime soon. 82% of company leaders plan to allow at least partial remote work after the pandemic, and 47% will allow employees to permanently work from home full-time. At the same time, identity-based attacks skyrocketed last year. This means that developing a Zero Trust security strategy that gives the right people access to the right resources at the right time is critical. Get the State of Zero Trust Security report to learn how organizations around the world are approaching Zero Trust today and where they’re headed over the next 12-18 months. Download your copy of the report to learn:     • The top five Zero Trust security takeaways     • How your peers are progressing along the Zero Trust security maturity curve     • The sophisticated strategies 40% of companies are prioritizing now

Le guide de l\’entrepreneur : comment trouver le bon CRM?

Le saviez-vous? Un outil de gestion de la relation client performant peut être un facteur déterminant de croissance durable pour les PME. En utilisant toutes les fonctionnalités d’un CRM adéquat pour interagir avec vos prospects et clients, vous pouvez stimuler vos ventes et accélérer votre croissance. Cependant, comment choisir le bon CRM? Voici un guide qui répondra à toutes vos questions:     • Qu\'est-ce que le CRM concrètement?     • Comment développe t-il vos ventes?     • Comment tirer parti de ses capacités afin qu’il accompagne votre entreprise au fil de sa croissance tout en s’adaptant aux évolutions du marché?

Le guide complet du CRM

Comment réussir vos premiers pas avec un CRM? Un système CRM (Customer Relationship Management) vous aide à placer le client au centre de votre organisation et de votre stratégie. Il maintient et renforce les relations existantes, permet d\'établir de nouveaux contacts et améliore la satisfaction client de façon durable. Découvrez dans ce guide:     • Les 6 signes qui démontrent que votre entreprise a besoin d\'un CRM     • Comment le CRM peut améliorer les ventes et la productivité Comment le choisir pour offrir l\'expérience client personnalisée et unique que vos clients attendant     • Comment développer votre stratégie CRM     • Comment maximiser votre retour sur investissement

7th State of Marketing Report

See the trends facing marketing’s from-anywhere future. 5 major trends. Insights from 8,200+ marketers. All in one report. What’s on the minds of today’s leading marketers this year and beyond? Find out in our 7th State of Marketing report, where you’ll learn why: • 66% of marketers expect revenue growth this year and beyond. • 90% of marketers say 2020 upped digital engagement. • 75% of marketers now work and collaborate from anywhere. • Marketers expect a 40% increase in data sources by next year. • 70% of CMOs are redefining success to match company goals.

4th Edition of State of Sales Report

Learn how nearly 6,000 sales professionals are selling in a global crisis. Since the pandemic, 58% of sales reps think their job has changed forever. Get the latest State of Sales research, based on a survey of leaders, reps, and ops teams around the world. New State of Sales data shows how sales teams are growing revenue in an evolving time. Download the report to discover: • Data for geographic regions and industries • How inside and outside reps are adjusting to new expectations from leaders and customers • The evolving responsibilities and elevated importance of sales operations • New growth strategies and tactics that sales leaders are adopting to recover

Gartner: The Future of Work Requires Leaders to Embrace Radical Flexibility

The global shift from working in an office to working at home shattered long-held beliefs about the relationships between work environment, productivity, and responsibility. Now what? Read this Gartner report to learn how leaders are embracing radical flexibility to build forward and create new work policies, new work patterns, and an office design focused on enhancing the employee experience.

Harvard Business Review: Designing the Hybrid Office

The role of the office has changed. Learn how forward-thinking companies are developing a new model for the office - using intelligent, tech-enabled design to turn ergonomic workplaces into socially engaging culture spaces that facilitate connection, enable learning, and foster innovative collaboration.

Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Whitepaper

For security and SOC teams, network monitoring is not enough to protect today\'s sophisticated OT environment. You need to access the details that provide in-depth visibility into the industrial control system environment. Without this, you can only hope your industrial devices have not been compromised by unauthorized activities or external threats. Download the white paper to discover how Tenable.ot delivers the most comprehensive set of critical information for industrial environments by querying devices and automatically gathering the most comprehensive and critical information about every asset - providing you with the ultimate asset management and visibility capabilities.

Prediction of an OT Attack

For the last 30 years, and particularly during the last decade, OT environments increasingly face a new challenge of maintaining secured environments. Historically, security grew up in an age of “cat and mouse” where the hacker “villain” and security “hero” are in a constant game of one upsmanship. Invariably, there are organizations and individuals that get caught in the security pinch and become the next victims. This white paper examines current standard security practices and how we’re beginning to change our response and embrace a new method to protect our OT environments—a move predicated on early detection and prevention before damage occurs.


12 data-driven best practices for subscription monetization from Michael Mansard, Principal Director Subscription Strategy & EMEA Chair of the Subscribed Institute at Zuora. Strategies include those adopted from successful B2C companies as well as new monetization strategies unique to B2B. What you\'ll learn:     • Successful monetization strategies from Spotify, Zoom, Atlassian, Fender Play, Slack, Apple, Airbus, and more     • The importance of metric-based vs flat-fee pricing     • Using automation to drive subscription growth     • Monetizing an ecosystem to generate additional recurring revenue streams     • Aligning with channel partners around a subscription model     • How enabling subscription flexibility drives conversion, adoption, expansion, and retention     • PLUS: A B2B Pricing and Monetization Quick Guide to getting started! (Chapter excerpt from the new book, Industrial Subscription Economy, by Stephan Liozu.)


In this benchmark report, Zuora Chief Data Scientist Carl Gold compiled data from 900+ companies to investigate the value of usage-based pricing. Through this research, we found that companies that take advantage of usage-based pricing see faster growth. But, there’s a catch — too much usage-based pricing and growth stalls. Download this landmark report to learn: The “sweet spot” revenue mix of usage-based billing 6 successful usage-based pricing strategies Revenue growth versus % of revenue from usage-based billing

Customer Identity a Key Element of Creating Exceptional Digital Experiences

Growing consumer appetites for secure, frictionless digital engagements means that delivering on these expectations has become mission-critical for organizations of all sizes and industries. As organizations become more digitally advanced, many are transforming their customer experiences by investing in new technologies that are crucial to drive seamless, secure digital journeys. Findings from a global, cross-industry research study that surveyed 750 enterprise-level customer experience (CX) and IT decision-makers show that digitally advanced organizations, or those that have formal digital transformation strategies and are early adopters of technologies, are better able to meet their buyers’ expectations for customer experiences. These businesses have more mature investments in certain foundational technologies and processes that are critical to create seamless, secure and trusted digital experiences.   Download this report to find out how digitally advanced organizations provide a blueprint for best practices and have certain characteristics in common.

2021 Puppet State of DevOps Report

The 10th anniversary edition of the report includes commentary from DevOps experts on the 2021 data and recommendations for companies seeking to evolve their DevOps practices. Key findings include:     • Why some teams get stuck in the middle of their DevOps evolution and whether automation and cloud translate to DevOps success.     • How the most highly evolved organizations implement a top-down approach to DevOps transformation.     • Strategies that platform teams can use to scale the benefits of DevOps practices.

6 Paths to Application Security

Many organizations fail to adopt application security best practices that work to protect software, data, and users. But integrating security tools into your application development environment can make security issues more visible and easier to catch while providing real-time insights into threats and vulnerabilities. In this guide, you’ll learn:     • The most common security risks facing modern enterprise applications     • 6 paths to mitigating and preventing those risks     • How to make security processes straightforward, scalable, and effective for any size company

7 Reasons to Expand E-Signature Usage

Over the last two years, electronic signature usage has exploded. Now that the technology is far more common, businesses looking to get ahead of their competition need to think bigger. In this research, DocuSign shares data from a recent study of today’s leading business decision makers. Download the eBook to get answers to the most common questions about effectively expanding the signature process: My organization has already adopted e-signature, what should we do next? Which additional e-signature features are other organizations using? What can I tell my colleagues who are hesitant about e-signature? How can I measure and report on the value that e-signature technology is creating?

10 Reasons to Adopt E-Signature

The way we work has changed. Modern organizations are putting together new technology systems that allow employees to be productive outside a traditional office building. Electronic signature is an important part of that work-from-anywhere toolkit. To research the way e-signature usage has impacted business efficiency and customer experiences through the evolving landscape, DocuSign conducted a survey of almost 2000 decision makers at organizations around the world. What we found might surprise you: Two-thirds of today’s e-signature users started using the technology in the last two years months 95% of organizations are either using e-signature, evaluating e-signature providers or planning to purchase a solution in the future Current e-signature users rate security as the top business benefit 3 in 4 respondents using e-signature describe their signing experience as easy In this report, we’ll cover the findings of our research and present data that can answer common questions about adopting e-signature technology.

Building a Digital Infrastructure for the Entire Organization

Today’s business world increasingly demands digital options for employees and customers—and the pandemic has certainly increased the urgency. Around the globe and across industries, businesses that deployed remote-friendly processes maintained business continuity; those that didn’t move fast enough fell behind. This eBook examines the steps organizations have taken to accelerate their digital transformations, as well as the positive and negative effects of those actions. By pulling together insights from four lines of business—legal, procurement, HR, and sales—we offer a holistic set of best practices for an organization to succeed in broad modernization initiatives.

Moving from On-Premises ETL to Cloud-Driven ELT

\"Legacy pipelines designed to accommodate predictable, slow-moving, and easily categorised data via extract, transform, load (ETL) processes are no longer adequate for the diversity of data types and ingestion styles of the modern data landscape. Modern data pipelines are designed to extract and load the data first and then transform the data once it reaches its intended destination—a cycle known as ELT. Modern ELT systems move transformation workloads to the cloud, enabling much greater scalability and elasticity. In this ebook, we explore:      the advantages and disadvantages of each approach      how to establish a versatile data management strategy      when to consider ETL vs ELT for your data pipelines\"

Cloud Data Engineering for Dummies

Enable the most rapid, reliable and high-quality data for your organisation Find out how you can build a modern data engineering practice to produce fast, reliable, and quality data for all your business units, and to easily and securely share data across your organisation, your ecosystem, and beyond. Highlights include:     • What modern data engineering is     • How it powers your operational and advanced data analytics     • Building efficient, modern data pipelines     • Defining your technology requirements     • Real-world data engineering case studies

Best Practices for Data Engineering

The world of data engineering is changing quickly. Technologies such as IoT, AI, and the cloud are transforming data pipelines and upending traditional methods of data management. Databases and data warehouses are moving to the cloud and new tools and data pipelines are taking over traditional data engineering tasks such as manually writing ETL code and cleaning data. As a result, companies are asking engineers to provide guidance on data strategy and pipeline optimisation. Download our ebook, Best Practices for Data Engineering to:     • Sharpen your skills to help your business harness the power of data     • Champion data strategies and pipeline optimization     • Understand how new technologies revolutionise data management

How to Choose an E-Signature Solution

The benefits of e-signature technology are far reaching. Today, e-signature technology is used around the globe in nearly every industry and department. But not all e-signature providers are created equal—and not all organizations have the same needs. Before selecting the e-signature solution that’s right for your organization, consider some of the critical features and benefits that top e-signature providers offer their customers. This guide outlines five considerations that every prospective e-signature user should look for when evaluating a potential provider.

Why It Pays to Use eSignature

In today’s intensely competitive marketplace, the business world is moving rapidly to online transactions from inefficient, costly, paper-based processes. Furthermore, consumers expect to be able to interact digitally anytime, anyplace, so providing easily accessible digital touchpoints is also critical to successfully keeping and retaining your customers. No matter the size or type of business you’re in, you want to save money and increase revenue. And you want to make it all easy. Electronic signatures are a powerful way to accomplish all that. Read the report to learn how leading companies across industries are improving critical business processes using eSignatures to achieve: Greater customer satisfaction and employee productivity Higher close rates and sales productivity Lower costs, greater efficiency Improved time to revenue Compliance and security-risk mitigation International workflow support with Standards-based eSignatures

The State Of Systems Of Agreement

Over the past year, digital agreement processes have become essential for organizations around the world. The sudden shift to remote work illuminated and amplified inefficiencies at organizations that relied on manual tasks to complete contracts. On the other hand, businesses that embraced connected cloud tools to manage documents saw clear benefits and built a decisive competitive advantage. For the third consecutive year, Forrester Consulting conducted research on behalf of DocuSign, combining quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews to study agreement processes around the world. Here are some of the key findings from this year’s report: An organization’s response to the 2020 pandemic is an accurate barometer of organizational flexibility and ability to address unexpected changes Organizations with mature digital agreement processes outperform lower-maturity laggards in a variety of ways The more agreements an organization manages, the more it will benefit from modern automation improvements

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