A Global Threat to Enterprises: the Impact of AD Attacks

Don\'t wait for a billion-dollar IT bill. Get the Tenable guide by Microsoft MVP Sylvain Cortes for a crash course in the cyber risks you need to address today and the catastrophic cases of companies that failed to. 15 corporate breaches that cost household names billions 3 best practice checklists to harden your AD security 5 high-level cyber risks that leaders must address Start reading the free guide

A King\’s Ransom: How to Stop Ransomware Spreading via AD

Hackers will hand back the keys to your AD kingdom. For a king\'s ransom. Hacking costs businesses $170 billion every year. Get the Tenable guide from Microsoft MVP Derek Melber to stop adding to the tally. •The latest ransomware trends (hint: ransoms cost +89% YOY) •How SaveTheQueen and Samas spread via your AD •6 strategies to stop ransomware from crippling your systems Start reading the free guide.

5 ways to simplify beverage alcohol tax compliance

Establishing and maintain tax compliance can be very complicated and resource-draining process However, there are ways to make this process more efficient, from beginning to end. In his solution booklet, Avalara offers 5 ways to simplify beverage alcohol tax compliance for suppliers, retailers, marketplaces, and delivery apps in the beverage alcohol industry.

Today’s beverage alcohol compliance technology

Beverage alcohol sellers have had to navigate the complex world of DTC (Direct-to-Consumer) shipping, while keeping up to date with the ever-changing compliance landscape. To complicate things even further, companies need to make sure to integrate compliance into their technology stack. With penalties for noncompliance being severe in some cases, it’s important to take a number of considerations into account. This compliance technology checklist provides an easy-to-follow summary of the technology needed to make sure your systems and your compliance are aligned.

Staying Compliant While succeeding in DTC

Maintaining regulatory compliance at the point of purchase is key for success in the evolving world of direct-to-consumer (DTC) alcohol sales. This infographic illustrates how Avalara Shipping Verification for Beverage Alcohol helps licensees determine, in real time, whether a transaction is compliant.

Economic Nexus in Beverage Alcohol

It’s easier than ever for consumers to have their favorite merlot or chardonnay delivered to their doorstep. Driven by demand for convenience, the direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel continues to expand rapidly. With substantial growth in the DTC shipping channel comes a maze of tax and regulatory challenges. A key part of maintaining compliance is understanding economic nexus requirements in every state you ship to. This overview will help you understand not only what economic nexus is and why it’s important, but also the history of nexus determination in the beverage alcohol industry right down to the most recent 2020 legislation.

DTC Shipping 101: A survival guide for the beverage alcohol industry

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) distribution has become a necessity for success in the beverage alcohol industry. As a result, it’s vital to understand the nuances involved with maintaining compliance. Read this guide to prime yourself with the knowledge needed to adopt a DTC business model. Learn about the legal context, business eligibility, and the best practices: • Complying with federal and state tax requirements • Managing licenses • Building an age verification process • Preparing for audits The market is ready, and digital solutions abound. You only need to take the necessary steps to make your customers happier than ever.

How to Put Winning Product Messaging in Front of Every Rep

During calls, your reps need the right product information at their fingertips to build customer confidence. As a sales manager, you don’t have time to attend every call or field every product question. You need an easy way to:     ● Guide reps to success with real-time intelligence     ● Onboard new reps faster     ● Increase productivity of all reps     ● Improve meetings both live in the moment and after the fact     ● Spot key buyer signals and turn data into deals     ● Fortunately, Outreach has a solution that can resolve these challenges in order to help your team collectively close deals faster. Discover a smart, scalable way to put effective product messaging in front of your reps during calls in our new e-book, “How to Put Winning Product Messaging in Front of Every Rep.

Looking Ahead to the Future of T&E Management

This Guide will help you make the exponential leaps in strategy, process, and technology to fit the new spending and travel reality, so that you can re-establish and increase momentum across your organisation. Download today for information on:     • managing new spend patterns     • maintaining compliance and reducing the risk of fraud     • updating expense and travel audits     • getting a full view across indirect spend Download today

The Robots Are Here. How AI and ML Automation Solutions Can Solve Business Problems

The journey to AI and Machine Learning does not have to be complex, expensive, or chaotic because other companies may have already developed what you need. The fast path to AI and ML is to leverage the solutions already available, tested, integrated and used by thousands of other businesses. In this whitepaper gain tips for how to quickly move to an AI-enabled organisation including:     • Zero in on busywork, requiring repetitive processes, where there’s the possibility of manual error and low job satisfaction     • Ask yourself, “is this a widespread problem?”     • Take a look at best-in-class partners; chances are they already integrate intelligent technologies into their solutions Download whitepaper today

Executive Brief: Inside the Dark Web

Only 42% of companies are actively monitoring the dark web for threats. That is a surprisingly low number when so many threat actors are planning their next attack on the dark web. If your organization isn\'t monitoring the dark web, you could be missing out on important information regarding your security. However, monitoring the dark web requires a large investment in monitoring tools and human expertise, or a security intelligence service provider that can give you real-time information to make important decisions to protect your organization. In our latest executive brief we take a deep dive on the dark web. Read this brief to learn: More about the dark web itself Six common ways threat actors use the dark web How to leverage dark web insights to monitor vendor risk The best practices for building a dark web roadmap

The New Grocery Landscape: Online Opportunities and Challenges in Europe

As \'click and collect shopping has surged in the last couple of years. PayPal have created a whitepaper focussing on the grocery landscape. In the whitepaper they draw on interviews with industry experts. studies of over 5000 online food purchasers and more. to plot the key contours of this new landscape.

Discover PayPal’s Impact on Grocery Retail

In a new market where customers want fast easy, safe shoppng from grocers PayPars latest infographic has all the key Information on how you could improve your business PayPal commissioned Nielsen to measure PayPais mpact across 73 of Digital Commerce 360\'s Top 100 merchants Frid out how you could boost conversion and drive growth in the grocery sector.

Report: The New Sales and Marketing Divide: It’s Not What You Think

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is an essential weapon helping organizations better target, engage, and ultimately close deals with best-fit, high-value accounts. But that’s only part of the equation. For Marketing and Sales teams to effectively engage contacts, they need to engage contacts in personalized interactions. Unfortunately, ABM execution is lagging due to capacity limitations and an inability to scale personalized outreach. To explore the issue more deeply, Conversica commissioned Renegade to conduct an extensive survey of Salespeople and Marketers. Read the 2021 State of ABM Report from Renegade to learn more about:     • How business professionals view ABM’s ability to convert pipeline and close deals     • How ABM helps align Marketing and Sales teams     • How to better execute on established ABM strategies     • How Conversational AI automates personalized outreach at scale     • And how ABM and Conversational AI work together to maximize opportunities for your revenue teams

Four Key Public Sector Trends to Watch in 2022

Agencies responding to recent executive orders to improve customer services will need to boost investments in protecting citizens while facilitating better access to online services. In a new report, TransUnion identified four key consumer trends that will drive federal, state and local government agencies to seek better data to inform policy and help ensure citizens receive qualified and entitled benefits. In 2022, all levels of government should be focused on:     1.Increasing citizen engagement     2.Ensuring equity for traditionally underserved populations     3.Iproving customer experiences     4.Protecting constituents’ identities TransUnion’s public sector business supports federal, state and local agencies by providing mission-critical solutions to help improve citizen safety, reduce fraud, bolster program integrity and enhance services for constituents. By delivering constituent data insights, fraud prevention solutions and advanced analytics services, we better enable public sector agencies to succeed in their missions.

Beverage alcohol compliance basics: The three-tier system, product registration, and taxes

Understanding compliance requirements in the beverage alcohol industry is daunting, even if you’re an industry veteran. If you’re expanding your business into new states and running into red tape, knowing what to do and overcoming obstacles can quickly become overwhelming. But, not getting it right can have drastic consequences, like not being able to sell in that state or incurring large penalties. This whitepaper is a great resource if you’re just getting started in the industry, expanding your business, or a pro wanting to brush up on the basics. You’ll learn:     • How beverage alcohol regulation got started     • What the three-tier system is     • Where your business fits into the beverage alcohol ecosystem     • The main components of beverage alcohol compliance     • The different taxes on alcohol products and who needs to pay them

Getting it right: The 4 steps to age verification for direct shippers

One of the most important and widely recognized beverage alcohol regulations in the United States is the requirement to ensure alcohol is sold or delivered only to consumers above the age of 21. This applies to every sale, whether on premise or shipped direct to consumer (DTC). Unfortunately, age verification is often met with misunderstanding by those responsible for properly carrying it out, particularly when shipping directly to consumer. This leaves businesses open to significant risk. This whitepaper defines the requirements and includes an exploration of the four age verification steps every beverage alcohol shipper needs to know. Download now to understand:     • What the different age verifications steps are     • How age verification steps vary by complexity and accuracy     • How to ensure your business remains in compliance

University of Leicester Adopts Cloudian Object Storage for Backup

Entrusted with protecting the data of nearly 30,000 users, the University of Leicester requires a robust backup infrastructure. However, with the backup system it had in place, the loss of a single media server would have resulted in a total lack of access to backup data or restores, potentially for weeks, while the IT team acquired and installed new hardware. Recognizing that the University needed a better solution, the team decided to deploy Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage system as the foundation of a revamped backup platform. By doing so, the University not only eliminated the single point of failure but also cut its storage space requirements by 50% and simplified its backup process. Ultimately, after fully implementing the Cloudian based solution across its three data centres, the IT team expects to save approximately 25% in data storage costs

Swiss Educational Non-profit Aces Modern Storage Test with Cloudian

Working on behalf of the education, research and innovation community, SWITCH is committed to the digital future of Switzerland. With its expertise in this field, the foundation promotes cybersecurity, digital identities, and improved use of research data. Faced with the need for a highly robust and flexible long-term storage solution that would enable SWITCH and its clients to manage and retrieve archived data easily and cost-effectively, the foundation developed a new multi-petabyte storage infrastructure based on Cloudian’s HyperStore object storage. This new infrastructure has provided the scalability, performance and S3 compatibility required to meet modern storage demands, including ransomware protection.

Jeans Fritz Consolidates Primary and Secondary Storage to Cloudian

Large German Retailer Converts to a Single Object Storage System From sturdy work pants to everyday clothing and even a fashion statement, jeans are one of the most popular garments of modern times. Jeans Fritz Handelsgesellschaft für Mode mbH, a German retail chain, has built its business around jeans and grown to more than 300 stores. With the amount of data generated from in-store and online sales increasing, the company’s primary storage costs were rising significantly, leading it to seek a more cost-effective solution that would also provide the scalability and data availability needed. After initially considering public cloud, Jeans Fritz decided that it would be better served by deploying Cloudian on-premises object storage as a single platform for consolidating its primary and secondary storage. As a result, the retailer reduced its storage costs by more than 50%, while still maintaining high data availability. In addition, the company avoided the need to...

5 Things to Know About Sovereign Cloud

Data sovereignty has become an important consideration for many organizations, providing new opportunities for Managed Service Providers to offer sovereign clouds. This new whitepaper discusses 5 key issues MSPs need to understand to capitalize on this.

2021 Ransomware Victims Report

Ransomware is one of the most widely discussed threats in cyber security. However, not enough research exists about the experiences of organizations that have suffered from ransomware attacks. For this report, an independent research firm surveyed 200 IT decision-makers whose organizations experienced a ransomware attack between 2019 and 2021. The findings reveal the cold, hard truth about such attacks: • They are hard to prevent even when you’re prepared. • Ransomware can penetrate quickly and significantly, impacting an organization’s financials, operations, customers, employees and reputation. • Even if you pay the ransom, there are other related costs that can be significant. Read this report to learn about: • The experiences of ransomware victim organizations • The importance of focusing greater attention on recovering from an attack • How you can quickly and easily recover without having to pay ransom

From Fraud Prevention to Fraud Deterrence

Arkose Labs takes an economics-driven approach to defeating fraud long-term. Our AI-powered platform ensures that good users can pass through seamlessly, while it roots out the advanced and persistent attacks that plague user interaction points. Download this brochure to learn about:     • A long term approach to fraud that deters attacks by making them uneconomical     • How Arkose Labs uses dynamic attack response to decrease attacks by 75%+     • Why global brands choose Arkose Labs to create greater trust online

Account Takeover Survey: Top 7 Findings on the Impact of ATO

ATOs have become a cornerstone attack type causing largescale threats to businesses, risking individual account security, and hindering company growth. By gaining access to user accounts, attackers are able to make a significant profit which allows the industry of fraud to continue to proliferate and cause downstream attacks. Hear what IT experts have to say on all the ways ATOs impact their business. Download to find out more about:     • Why 70% of IT executives say account integrity is their top security concern     • Why account takeovers can cost the average business $2 million annually     • How 63% of respondents experienced problems with compliance standards as a result of ATO attacks


Learn how the in-house legal teams of four global brands responded to the challenge of too much information, mapping strategies that enabled them to reach their goals. Best Practices from Corporate Law Corporate legal professionals face unique challenges in an environment where the trend of remote working and collaboration – which rose by 54% in 2020 – continues to grow. As companies turn to the cloud for solutions and concerns about data security intensify, what challenges have your peers identified? How have they overcome those challenges to work and collaborate productively and securely?

The State of CX Maturity: Advancing CX Maturity Is a Mission-critical Mandate

This eBook looks at learnings from a survey of APAC-based respondents in the Mid-Market and Enterprise segments to discuss how, and to what degree, an organization’s adoption of customer service best practices improves its ability to deliver superior customer experience (CX) and better support its service teams. It also explores how improved capabilities are correlated with dramatically better business outcomes. Finally, it covers observed year-over-year CX trends. A lot goes into delivering a great customer experience (CX), but it can be hard to know where to make the most strategic investments. To help businesses make good, data-driven decisions, Zendesk partnered with ESG Research to build a framework around CX maturity and CX success. The findings are summarized in this report: The State of CX Maturity among Midsize and Enterprise Companies: Research Shows Advancing CX Maturity is a Mission-critical Mandate.

The State of CX Maturity: Advancing CX Maturity Is a Mission-critical Mandate

Businesses of all sizes need to prioritize customer experience (CX), but it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts as we navigate uncertainty in a post-pandemic world. To help businesses make good, data-driven decisions, Zendesk partnered with ESG Research to build a framework around CX maturity and CX success. After interviewing CX leaders from all over the world, ESG identified four levels of CX maturity:     • Champions – Businesses with a boast-worthy, well-oiled CX operation     • Risers – Businesses that are still gaining ground     • Emergers – Businesses that are on the right track but have room to grow     • Starters – Businesses that are at risk of falling behind The findings for small and midsized businesses based in Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea are summarized in the recent report: The State of CX Maturity Among SMBs of Asia Pacific: Research Shows Advancing CX Maturity Is a Mission-critical Mandate.

Ransomware: Understand. Prevent. Recover.

Ransomware. The very name strikes fear in the heart of organizations. This type of malware attack isn’t new, but it’s more popular than ever before. The scourge of ransomware is now in the news on a weekly basis, as companies all over the world — big and small, public and private — wonder if it will be their company in the headlines next. It’s a legitimate, and growing fear, as the attackers get more sophisticated and automated attacks become more common. The good news is you can fight back. Things like cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, better detection methods, and new ways to help employees recognize threats are making organizations safer every day. Check out this new eBook written by Allan Liska, Recorded Future\'s ransomware expert, to learn more about the following:     • Why Ransomware Exploded in Recent Years     • How To Stop a Ransomware Attack in its Tracks     • The Top Vulnerabilities Targeted by...

A Guide to Brand Protection: The Top Three Threats Facing Your Organization

Your brand is your most valuable asset, and has the potential to be your ultimate competitive advantage. Brands that have been methodically built over many years and decades can be destroyed overnight with a successful cyberattack. In an effort to help your organization understand the top threats facing your brand, we\'ve outlined the top ways threat actors target brands, and key steps you can take to proactively secure your reputation. Read this eBook to learn how intelligence will help:     • Protect your brand against domain abuse, including typosquats     • Discover and mitigate credential leaks in real time     • Provide unmatched access to the dark web for brand mention monitoring

Improve your bottom line by putting customers at the top

Businesses already see the ROI potential of customer service, but there’s still work to do. Learn how to tackle this year’s challenges and tap into the profit power of customer service. Leaders must prioritize customer service 70% of organizations see a direct connection between customer service and performance, but 40% say it isn’t prioritized by their C-Suite staff. Leadership must make the link between support teams and bottom line impact. The role of service teams needs to change 71% of leaders report that their agents are essential to driving sales. Customer service leaders should go beyond solving problems and transform their organization by fostering profitable growth. Businesses have to meet customer expectations Over 60% of consumers say that last year’s crisis raised the standard for customer service, but 54% feel that organizations still treat it as an afterthought. Growth depends on building better customer experiences

Your Complete CRM Handbook

How to make a success of your first steps with a CRM? A growing business needs a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. It helps you manage critical customer information in one place — and gives you a complete view of your business. You’ll gain key business insights that help you close more deals, boost sales, and improve forecasting accuracy. But is now the right time for you? Read this e-book to get practical advice on:     • Signs your business needs a CRM     • How CRM can improve sales and productivity     • Building your CRM strategy     • How to maximize your ROI Download Your Complete CRM Handbook now so you can decide when your business should invest in a CRM.

5 Productivity Tips Every Small Business Needs to Know

As an entrepreneur, starting a new business is exciting. Backed by the support of a close-knit team, you face new challenges every day and you put in the hours to make your business work. But your time may be taken up by rote tasks, leaving you less time to acquire new prospects and care for your existing customer relationships. Our latest guide offers five simple tips to stay efficient and productive. You will learn how choosing the right tools will empower you to do the following:     • Getting the right tools in place     • Connecting all your data     • Working smarter     • Going mobile and facilitating remote work     • Simplifying reporting

Secure Your Advantage with Document Management in the Cloud

Modern document management in the Cloud levels the playing field, enabling law firms of every size to unlock knowledge and deliver better service for their clients while responding to changing information security threats. In this eBook, find out how managing knowledge well gives law firms, large or small, an edge. It enables them to differentiate, to be more productive, and broaden the services they provide, and ultimately grow the business.​

The Total Economic Impact™ of iManage Work

Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By iManage Work iManage commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) corporate legal departments may realize by deploying iManage Work. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of iManage Work on their organizations.

Checklist for Legal Operations

15 Questions to Ask When Evaluating a DMS At the start of this year, 57% of Legal Operations professionals had plans to evaluate and implement a document management system (DMS) for their in-house teams in 2020. Now that remote working is integral to business continuity, we expect legal departments’ needs to securely store and share documents and emails to increase. But with so many competing priorities to ensure productivity and collaboration, how do you ensure you’re asking all the right questions and covering all the key considerations? Download this comprehensive checklist so you can be confident in your DMS decision.

The 7 Steps of the Remote Employee Lifecycle

Are your teams remote or flexing to a hybrid workspace? From onboarding through global team integration, and even employee offboarding, our HR experts laid out a strategy for companies to create an engaging, rewarding work environment for their team members, wherever they may be located. As your company evaluates how to communicate across time zones, set up effective knowledge sharing processes, manage health and wellbeing, and protect client data, you can help them cement strategies into their individual and team plans that will allow them to successfully pivot to being a remote-first employer.

How to Make the Hybrid Model Work for Your Team

According to the Future Forum research, 72 percent of employees said they never want to go back to the traditional way of working and expect a hybrid-remote office model going forward. Research has shown that when executed correctly, hybrid working models can allow companies to recruit better talent, achieve innovation, and build a flexible, productive future. However, to make a successful transition to the hybrid model, companies must build a strong corporate culture and select a hybrid model that works best for their workforce.

7 Compliance Challenges Companies Face When Growing Globally

Companies that grow internationally without prioritizing compliance are sure to run into problems. From entity setup, to hiring, financial reporting, and staying on top of changing regulations, compliance plays a key role every step of the way. Are you focusing on what’s important when it comes to global compliance for your fast-growing company?

The Complete Guide to Building a Remote Global Team

A diverse, distributed team adds efficiency, improves the overall chances of success for a business, and most importantly, adds another measure of resilience. And in times of crisis and uncertainty, it’s resilience that helps businesses come out stronger on the other side.

Global Hiring Handbook: Onboard and Manage Talent in 20 Top Expansion Countries

If a global hire is on the horizon, now is the time to study up on what you need to know. From creating a compliant employment contract, to providing competitive benefits, to managing cross-culturally, this is the guidebook to help you get started. Get insight into how to onboard and manage talent in the top markets of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.

Top Security Orchestration Use Cases

Accelerate and Scale Incident Response with Orchestration Security orchestration connects disparate security tools, teams and infrastructures for enhanced process-based operations. The user-driven nature of security orchestration has resulted in the deployment of varied and interesting use cases. Read our orchestration white paper for a closer look at: Responding to phishing attacks Assigning incident severity based on threat scores and asset criticality Conducting rapid indicator of compromise (IoC) hunting exercises Analyzing and protecting against endpoint malware infections Executing cloud-aware incident response Download the white paper to further explore security orchestration use cases.

5 Creative Management Strategies to Increase Productivity  

Research shows the most creative companies achieve better financial results than their peers. As a creative leader, you can deliver more value by building the right kind of creative ecosystem. Read this eBook to learn about:     • The key features of a design-driven culture     • Tips for enabling high-value creative work     • Leadership strategies to increase your business impact 

The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams For SMBs 

The past decade has brought a proliferation of digital creative applications with freemium pricing models targeted toward SMBs with modest budgets. Although these apps can appear attractive, businesses that use them can end up managing a fragmented toolset with hidden costs.   Now, a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe has quantified exactly how much businesses can save by adopting an integrated creative platform. The Total Economic Impact of Creative Cloud for Teams for SMBs reports that organizations that move from a patchwork of single apps to Adobe Creative Cloud for teams experience an ROI of 388% over three years because they can streamline their work environment, better predict licensing costs, and empower teams to connect and collaborate.   Read The Total Economic Impact of Creative Cloud for Teams for SMBs to learn how your creative team can save time and money, streamline your workflow, and collaborate better...

Intelligent Commerce Delivers Smarter Shopping

\"Intelligent commerce can help you custom tailor the shopping experience.     • Today’s customers expect a personalized and intuitive customer experience.     • Intelligent commerce with product recommendations and AI-powered search capabilities can help increase revenue and average order value, while decreasing the use of team resources.     • Tactics for using product recommendations and AI powered search.     • Intelligent commerce only works on shoppers when it’s accurate –– an AI powered solution provides a more accurate result. \"

Gartner 2021

Adobe is a Leader in this Magic Quadrant. Adobe Commerce, also recognized as Magento Commerce, can be deployed via Adobe managed services on AWS or Azure, or deployed on-premises. Adobe Commerce has an established presence in all major geographies, and is also well-represented in a wide range of industries. The majority of its clients have annual GMVs of less than $50 million, although it does have a few clients of over $500 million. Midsize organizations seeking a robust commerce solution that can be deeply customized should consider Adobe Commerce. Large global organizations using other Adobe products should consider Adobe Commerce due to its ability to better leverage digital marketing assets and insights of the Adobe suite.

Headless Commerce Translator

This 2-page guide helps IT Leaders explain the benefits of headless commerce to their business leader counterparts. As a developer and technical leader, you’ve long understood the value of headless commerce. Sometimes, however, business teams just don’t get why you want to buy an ecommerce software platform only to cut off its head. This brief guide provides a helpful reference for explaining the value of headless commerce—and why it often works better than a more traditional all-in-one approach—to business leaders across your organization.

The Business Value of the Adobe Commerce Cloud Platform

IDC interviewed organizations that have established ecommerce operations on Adobe Commerce Cloud, powered by Magento Commerce. These Adobe customers, all of which operate in competitive and fluid markets, linked their use of Adobe Commerce Cloud to significant incremental revenue gains. These are the results of that research.

Cortex XSOAR Top Machine Learning Use Cases

As a platform built from scratch on a foundation of machine learning, Cortex™ XSOAR has brought verifiable benefits to security operations centers (SOCs) across geographies, maturity and scope of operations. Its machine learning capabilities power the Cortex XSOAR platform to increase employee productivity, accelerate playbook development, and enable leaner, more efficient security operations. Check out our white paper for details on how Cortex XSOAR: Increases analyst productivity through incident owner assignments and expert recommendations. Accelerates playbook development through task argument suggestions. Enables standardized response and knowledge management by recommending common security commands. Get your copy today to learn more.

Security Orchestration for Dummies

Understaffed security teams struggle to execute standard processes across products in the face of rising alert volumes. Security orchestration has rapidly emerged to fill these industry gaps by providing workflow automation and oversight across security products. In the e-book, “Security Orchestration For Dummies®,” you’ll learn about security orchestration basics, underlying needs, best practices, use cases and major trends that will drive future growth. You’ll also explore:     • Enterprise security challenges     • Implementation guidelines     • Security orchestration’s working components     • Security orchestration myths

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